Voter Eligibility Cheat Sheet
Yes You Can Vote:

  • Out on bail
  • In jail awaiting trial or sentencing
  • In jail on AB109 felony
  • All misdemeanors
  • On Probation (incl supervised release)

No You Cannot Vote:

  • In prison
  • On Parole
  • In jail on parole violation
  • In jail awaiting transfer to prison
  • If deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial

REPORT - Voting in Jails

The Sentencing Project, MAY 07, 2020
Nicole D. Porter
As localities consider voting best practices, a new report from The Sentencing Project highlights jurisdictions around the country that actively support ballot access for residents detained in local jails through absentee voting or jail-based polling sites. These initiatives should serve as models to be adopted by all jail systems in order to ensure that individuals housed there do not forfeit their rights of citizenship.

Read the Report

REPORT - Full Human Beings: An argument for incarcerated voter enfranchisement

This report by The People's Policy Project  argues that all US states should allow incarcerated people to vote, something that only Maine and Vermont currently permit.


LA Free The Vote Campaign: Request for Participation Contact Information

LA Free the Vote aims to make LA County a national leader in systematically offering voter registration to the justice-involved population and encouraging this population to vote. Recognizing that this justice involved population sits at the intersection of multiple underserved communities, LA Free the Vote brings an intentional County government focus to proactively outreach to this population whose voices are important to our civic life.

In light of COVID19 and the timeline to the general election on November 3rd, the potential of vote-by-mail and having to work remotely, we are implementing a civic education and voter registration phone bank campaign using our internal team. To do this, LA Voice along with LARRP, and Shields For Families, will educate and register to vote the justice involved individuals you serve.

We ask for you to share available contact information for a minimum of 10 or more clients from your agency, that have expressed interest in voting, to allow us to reach our goal of registering as many people as possible who fit the eligibility requirements.

November 2020 is presenting an opportunity for our people to participate in some important justice reform measure and local elections

  • District Attorney Race, which could significantly impact criminal justice efforts in the county
  • Prison Spending Initiative, which if passed will roll back 3 historic criminal justice reforms with Prop 47, 57, and AB 109, and put millions of dollars back into the prison system
  • SB 10 | Cash Bail Referendum, which if passed would replace cash bail with risk assessments for detained people awaiting trial.

If you and/or your organization are interested in participcating please contact Joseph Petitt, Outreach & Engagement Coordinator at LARRP, at; or Tim Kornegay, Justice Transformation Organizer at LA Voice, at

LARRP Ad-Hoc Committee on Voter Engagement

  • To drastically increase voter registration and education efforts among LA County’s reentry population.
  • To actively support the “Unlock the Vote” campaign inside LA County jails.
  • To serve as a coordinating body for multiple CJ population voter engagement efforts among CBOs and County agencies.
  • To serve as a voice and advocate for voter engagement resources from government and foundations.

In response to the February 13th Motion (MRT/SK) related to expanding voter engagement efforts among currently and formerly incarcerated populations; and following the tremendous success of the “Unlock the Vote” campaign to register and educate voters inside LA County jails; LARRP will support and enhance this critical county wide work by launching an Ad-Hoc Committee to expand voter engagement among LA County’s reentry population.

To find out more, and participate in this exciting and important new initiative