LARRP Voting Guide March 3, 2020

This month Californians can finally weigh in on a significant way on the presidential Primary Process with our March 3rd Primary! But the Democratic presidential primary is by no means the only important thing on the ballot! Below we will highlight a few of the other important races!

Register to vote in person at a voting center
until Mar. 3
You can vote Feb. 22-Mar. 3

Your Guide To The LA County District Attorney Race
BY LAist Staff, February 4, 2020
This race has attracted national attention, because it's the latest — and largest — battleground in a national push to get reformists elected as district attorneys.

Yes on R

Measure R is an important step towards fixing LA’s broken jail system
Don't forget to vote yes on R: "TheLA County Sherrif Civilian Oversight Commission Ordenance

It is easy to get lost among the weeds of propositions and ballot measures, judges, Scool Boards and Supervisors, and yet all of these measures and positions have a daily impact on our lives. Here are a few guides:

Unlock the Vote Campaign:

Request for Volunteers

The Unlock the Vote campaign aims to amplify the voices of justice-involved and justice-impacted folks in our democracy. We are embarking on a campaign to reduce barriers to registration and voting for justice-involved and justice-impacted folks in Los
Angeles County.
By disseminating information and educating disenfranchised communities, we can increase voting access to at least the 17,000 people inside the LA jails!
To do this, LARRP, along with a number of community partners including ANOWL, will educate and register individuals who are incarcerated inside the LA jails as well as engage with the justice-impacted community at re-entry fairs.
In order to engage with as many people who are impacted as possible, we need your support.
We will need volunteers:
• To go inside the jail facilities to educate and register*,
• At the visitor’s line educate and register family and friends,
• To help with mailings,
• To attend reentry fairs to educate and register people who are
• And so much more
If you and/or your organization are interested in any of the above, please contact Joe Paul, Managing Director of LARRP, at


Voter Eligibility Cheat Sheet
Yes You Can Vote:

  • Out on bail
  • In jail awaiting trial or sentencing
  • In jail on AB109 felony
  • All misdemeanors
  • On Probation (incl supervised release)

No You Cannot Vote:

  • In prison
  • On Parole
  • In jail on parole violation
  • In jail awaiting transfer to prison
  • If deemed mentally incompetent to stand trial

REPORT - Full Human Beings: An argument for incarcerated voter enfranchisement

This report by The People's Policy Project  argues that all US states should allow incarcerated people to vote, something that only Maine and Vermont currently permit.

LARRP Ad-Hoc Committee on Voter Engagement

  • To drastically increase voter registration and education efforts among LA County’s reentry population.
  • To actively support the “Unlock the Vote” campaign inside LA County jails.
  • To serve as a coordinating body for multiple CJ population voter engagement efforts among CBOs and County agencies.
  • To serve as a voice and advocate for voter engagement resources from government and foundations.

In response to the February 13th Motion (MRT/SK) related to expanding voter engagement efforts among currently and formerly incarcerated populations; and following the tremendous success of the “Unlock the Vote” campaign to register and educate voters inside LA County jails; LARRP will support and enhance this critical county wide work by launching an Ad-Hoc Committee to expand voter engagement among LA County’s reentry population.

To find out more, and participate in this exciting and important new initiative