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LARRP July Spotlight This month LARRP spotlights new member, the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law, and their work with system impacted women, where they provide free individual legal advice, counselling and representation for women in custody and other family matters. Motivated by the unmet needs of incarcerated women, the fastest growing jailed population, the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law is committed to utilizing its resources and experience to engage in efforts positively affecting these ignored women and their … Read More

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Did you feel it?, Reentry got shaken up! It was an inspiring day!  On May 30th, 2019, nearly 1000 Los Angeles County reentry stakeholders gathered in Montebello, CA for the first ever regional reentry convening, hosted by the LA County Probation Department and supported by LARRP. The “Shaking Up Reentry” conference represented a launching point for a new government-community relationship and mutual commitment to work more collaboratively to solve our most pressing reentry challenges using a trauma-informed approach.  Making space … Read More

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LARRP’s March General Meeting     LARRP’s March General Meeting was rocking and packed!     It kicked off with a moving personal impact story by Riley Gude, brother of LARRP co-founder Lynne Lyman. Riley is a participant in the CSH Speak Up! Program, and this was his first time sharing his story publicly. Riley made jokes and talked about his life long addiction, years of homelessness, and cycling in and out of jail, rehabs, and mental hospitals. Through the … Read More

LARRP Executive Director Troy Vaughn recognized at BOS

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Co-Chairs Stephen Larson, Esq. Troy Vaughn of LARRP, were recognized by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, January 29th for their leadership on the Blue Ribbon Commission on Public Safety. As part of Troy’s role on the commission he was able to secure an additional ten seats for community stakeholders! Read the Recomendations

National Expungement Week (Oct 22-27)

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LARRP was proud to participate in National Expungement Week by hosting a free legal clinic at LA Trade Tech College last Sunday October 27, as part of a Cannabis Expo organized by the National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA), which seeks to help people of color and other impacted communities enter the booming cannabis industry. Here’s a picture from the event featuring guest author below Sugar Kopplin Easley, who volunteered at Sunday’s clinic after receiving expungement services at a … Read More


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My final perquisite is that of LIBERATION. One of the greatest liberators and liberation movements in history was that of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement during the 1960s. We should take stock of those times and learn from them, because the struggle for liberation is as real today as it was then. I would love to say that the efforts of Dr. King and others that served with him paved the way for complete … Read More


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This week I wanted to continue our conversation about race relations in America.  This is the second of three blogs in a series I’m calling “Love, Loyalty and Liberation: Prerequisites for Restoring Race Relations in America.” The problems of equality faced by America today are many, but none more prevalent than that of my second prerequisite of LOYALTY.  Here in America we all are familiar with the phrase “I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE…”   It denotes a promise to be loyal, but what … Read More

“Love, Loyalty and Liberation: Prerequisites for Restoring Race Relations in America”

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I was thinking the other day about all the tension that’s in this country about race relations, and was wondering what can be done to improve it. I decided to write about it, and this is the first of three blogs in a series I’m calling “Love, Loyalty and Liberation: Prerequisites for Restoring Race Relations in America.” To even use the phrase “race relations,” seems to be an oxymoron, given how little we register that this is even about a … Read More

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