LARRP Holds Community Briefing on Reentry and Realignment

LARRP recently held a briefing to explain reentry and realignment to homeless services providers that are observing the impact on housing and other resources. Click here for the slides from the presentation.

LARRP Realignment Documents

Realignment Reports and Studies

LA County Documents impacting Realignment

Public safety realignment team meetings

The County of Los Angeles AB 109 public safety plan is coordinated through the Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee's (CCJCC) Public Safety Realignment Team (PSRT).  This team holds monthly meetings that are open to the public.

2nd Thursday of the month
Hall of Administration, 7th Floor

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Realignment updates

Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee (CCJCC) works with impacted departments and provide status reports on public safety realignment implementation in the County. Click below for an archive of these updates


Probation newsletters

The Los Angeles County Probation Dept. publishes a monthly newsletter with selected data about the results of prision realignment in the county.  Click below for an archive of these newsletters.


Back to Business: How Hiring Formerly Incarcerated Job Seekers Benefits Your Company is a new report from the Trone Center for Justice & Equality. The report details the ways companies can combat the ills of decades of mass incarceration, while at the same tapping into the potential energy of a workforce of millions.

Make your way through the maze of the criminal justice system with this handy resource:

Shoutout to Suzanne Sanderson who shared with us! "This site seems to have a complete database of listings for all emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices in the country – with working phone numbers directions (at least for the ones I’ve tried!). I wanted to share the site because it has saved me a few headaches and I’m sure it would be useful to others as well."

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