Bills sponsored and/or supported by our Partners

LARRP was thrilled and honored to have longtime ally in the justice work, Congresswoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove, be our guest speaker for our February General Meeting. Kamlager-Dove previously served in the California State Assembly, and is now a strong advocate for CJ reform in the Federal government. She is working on a number of bills which address injustices in the criminal justice system, including:

  • HR 982, Pregnant Women in Custody Act, authored by Congresswoman Kamlager-Dove, seeks to enhance the services and programs provided to those who are pregnant while incarcerated. This would include limits on restrictive housing for those who are incarcerated or in postpartum recovery, prohibiting the use of solitary confinement for a pregnant individual in their third trimester, and requiring the Bureau of Prisons to annually report on the number of administrative claims and appeals filed by pregnant incarcerated individuals.
  • HR 981, One-Stop Shop Community Reentry Program, also authored by Congresswoman Kamlager-Dove, seeks to authorize support grants to community-based re-entry resources supporting those who are previously incarcerated when they return to the communities.
  • HR 4972, End Solitary Confinement Act, authored by Congresswoman Cori Bush, seeks to limit the use of solitary confinement for those who are currently incarcerated. While there are certain cases where an individual who is incarcerated can request solitary confinement or be placed there for their safety, this bill seeks to limit its use as punishment or retribution from prison staff, and to limit how long an individual can be placed in this housing involuntarily.
  • HR 3220, Correctional Facilities Occupational Safety and Health Act, authored by Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, seeks to extend Federal workplace safety and health protections to incarcerated workers. This would apply to any individual in federal, state, or local correctional facilities, or private institutions run under those jurisdictions. Currently, there are major shortcomings in the safety, protections, and workplace oversight for those who are employed while incarcerated, and this bill seeks to establish new procedures and protections for the incarcerated workforce.
  • If you are interested in supporting any of these Federal bills, please reach out to and he can connect you with Congresswoman Kamlager-Dove’s staff.


Policy Updates 2024

APRIL 2024
Sacramento Legislation Updates

AB1810 (Bryan), our Carceral Menstrual Product Access bill, has been placed on the suspense file of the State Assembly Appropriations Committee. This is a process that many bills go through, a step where the financial implications of legislation are analyzed and considered. Based on the state’s own financial information, this bill, which seeks to increase the access and quantity of available menstrual products, is estimated to only cost the state an additional $14,000 dollars per year. The financial concerns around this bill are coming from county jail representatives, who claim high levels of turnover and changes in the local carceral numbers can greatly impact how many folks may need access to these items. We expect the bill to be voted on in mid May, which gives us about 6 weeks to strategize community engagement and activism plans. We are currently producing content for social media and expanding the awareness of this bill with organizations across California. Once the vote has a set date, we will send out emails, post on social media, and place the update on our website to alert you as to the actions you can take to help us push this bill to success!

Election Season
With the March primaries now in our rear view mirror, we begin the long trek toward the November 2024 elections.Important seats for congressional and state leadership will be up for your vote, and we encourage everyone to register to vote. Over the next 6 months political campaigning will be in full swing, and we aim to provide as much impartial, thoroughly researched election information as possible. To check your registration status, register to vote, or see election results, you can use the California Secretary of State website
Election Results from the LAist

Proposition 1 Passes by Thin Margin

The other major update for our community is the passage of Proposition 1. This ballot measure, which passed by an extremely thin margin, seeks to direct state funds toward housing and treatment solutions for the unhoused and those who need substance use treatment and mental health. This roughly $6.5 billion dollar fund will go toward housing, treatment solutions, and expanding the case management infrastructure available. We will follow the policy and implementation details as this Proposition as it takes its final form for the November ballot, and keep you informed.

MARCH 2024 Sacramento Legislation Updates

We are excited to share that LARRP co-sponsored legislation, Assembly Bill 1810 by Assemblymember Isaac Bryan, passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee hearing on February 27th. AB 1810 (Bryan) will enable easier access to menstrual products for those who are incarcerated and experience uterine or vaginal bleeding. Anyone who has been incarcerated or who knows somebody who has been incarcerated will no doubt have stories as to how terrible access to vital goods such as tampons or menstrual pads can be. Destigmatizing this process and providing greater levels of access to hygienic supplies will not only help restore dignity to our communities behind bars, but will also ensure safer conditions, especially for people who experience heavier bleeds due to medical circumstances.

Next AB 1810 (Bryan) will be heard in the always tough Assembly Appropriations Committee, and we're always looking for folks to come out and support, with testimony, letters, legislative visits and more. To support this bill, please reach out to Charles at as soon as possible. We need as many letters of support as we can get from our vital community organizations. See the AB 1810 (Bryan) fact sheet here, and a template support letter can be found here.

FEBRUARY 2024 As we enter 2024, we are using this time to gather community feedback and listen to our network partners about their priorities in the new legislative year. We have been working to secure bill support positions and working with our key stakeholders to select which bills we will be co-sponsoring and uplifting within the reentry space.

We always want to hear from you, the folks and organizations on the front line, we welcome your vital feedback in this space. If you or your organization are working on state bills, we would love to hear about them from you. If you have any updates you would like to bring to the LARRP network, please let us know by emailing

We want to hear from you- please fill out this brief survey so we know what to prioritize in 2024

JANUARY 2024 As we embark on this new year with new vigour and excitement, LARRP is reaching out to you to help us understand your priorities this year and how we can support the legislative and advocacy-based efforts of our diverse community of organization and individuals.

As you or your orgnizations come across legislation, at any level of governance, we are encouraging you to reach out to us and let us help you broadcast your work to our network. As Charles Vignola, our Public Policy and Community Engagement Manager undertakes the legislative research for this year to pick LARRP's policy priorities. We want to invest time and energy in our continuing support of the needs and desires of our community, so any legislation you would like help mobilizing around or working on support for, we encourage you to reach out to Charles at

Our work is nothing without our community, and your support has always been vital to pushing for better legislation and advocacy in support of the reentry community. We look forward to hearing from you and building a strong basis for this new year!

We want to hear from you- please fill out this brief survey so we know what to prioritize in 2024

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