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August General Meeting

August 16, 2021
10:00 AM

  • Anthony Garcia| LARRP Leadership Academy - LARRP Voices From Impacted People
  • Troy Vaughn | LARRP - Executive Director Report
  • Veronica Lewis | Executive Director of HOPICS, Measure J - Measure J Updates
  • Jeff Klein| Registrar Office - LA Free the Vote

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Archives 2021

JULY General Meeting

  •  LARRP Leadership Academy - LARRP Voices From Impacted People
  • Troy Vaughn | LARRP Executive Director ReportJ
  • Joseph Iniguez | Chief Deputy to Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon- Updates
  • James Binnall and Frankie Guzman | CSIBA - Cailforina System-Involved Bar Assocation
  • LARRP Committees - Committee Report Out & Actions


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June General Meeting

June 17, 2021,
10:00 AM
  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People: LARRP Leadership Academy
  • Executive Director Report: Troy Vaughn | LARRP
  • ATI incubation Academy: LISC Presentation
  • Breakout Rooms: Feedback Session on Incubation Academy


May General Meeting

May 20, 2021, 10:00 AM

If you missed it - please see the recording below!

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People: Laura Hernandez | LARRP Leadership Academy
  • Executive Director Report: Troy Vaughn | LARRP
  • D.O.O.R.S Center Resources: Tasha Stinger | D.O.O.R.S. Center
  • 2021 LARRP Policy Priorities: Charles Vigonla | LARRP Policy and Legal Coordinator
  • Committee Report Out & Actions: LARRP Committees

April General Meeting

April 15, 2021, 10:00 AM

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People: James Binnall, CSULB Underground Scholars
  • Executive Director Report: Troy Vaughn, LARRP
  • Men’s Central Jail Closure Strategy: Karen Tamis, Men's Central Jail Closure Workgroup
  • California Committee on the Revision of the Penal Code, Michael Romano, Stanford Law School

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March General meeting

March 18, 2021, 10:00 AM

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People - ChiChi Locci | LARRP Leadership Academy
  • Executive Director Report - Troy Vaughn | LARRP
  • ATI Launch & Committees - Songhai Armstead | Alternatives to Incarceration
  • Time Done & Priority Bills in 2021 - Jay Jordan | Californians for Safety and Justice
  • Committee Report Out & Actions - LARRP Committees

February General Meeting!!

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People - Steven Hensley| LARRP Leadership Academy
  • Executive Director Report - Troy Vaughn | LARRP
  • LA DA Platform for 2021 - George Gascón | Los Angeles County District Attorney
  • LARRP Member Feature - Simone Berry | Phoenix


January General Meeting

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People - LARRP Leadership Academy
  • Executive Director Report 2021 - Troy Vaughn | LARRP
  • CCJBH Program - Brenda Grealish | CCJBH
  • 2021 Platforms & memberships - Issue Committees | LARRP
  • Challenge Report Deborah Kanter | Challenger Transformation

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Archives 2020

October General Meeting

  • Monnie Anderson | HOPICS - LARRP Voices From Impacted People
  • Troy Vaughn | LARRP - Executive Directors Report
  • Eunisess Hernandez | La Defensa - Measure J - Reimagine LA Presentation
  • Anthony DiMartino, MSW | Californians for Safety and Justice | Criminal Justice Bills Signed by the Governor
  • Phillip Verbera | Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder's Office | Teach In: Voting and how the Elections will Affect our Work

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LARRP September Meeting:

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People - Fannon Figgers
  • DSS & CDCR Presentation - Jessica Fernandez, Supervisor over Community Reentry Services, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • LA Free The Vote & Getting to The Polls - Joseph Petitt, LARRP
  • Justice Related Ballot Measures - Lynne Lyman, LARRP
  • Executive Director Report - Troy Vaughn, LARRP

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LARRP August General Meeting

  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People: Artie Gonzalez, Manifest Works
  • Welcome and Executive Director Report: Troy Vaughn, LARRP
  • RELINIC presentation with Q & A: Joe Paul, Evelyn Garcia,
  • LARRP and Daniel Molina, 211 LA County
  • 2020 Ballot Initiatives: Jay Jordan, Californians For Safety and Justice
  • Committee Report-Outs: LARRP Committee Chairs: Housing – Veronica Lewis & Janie Hodge; Employment – Maria Alexander & Cesar Perez; Policy and Legal – Lynne Lyman, Joe Maizlish & Joseph Petitt; Faith – Adam Siegal & Joe Paul; Education - Paul Seeman, Sugar Easley & Hon. Daniel Tabor; Integrated Health- Amanda Cowan & Etsemaye Agonafer

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LARRP July General Meeting


  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People, Jeremy Pool
  • Welcome and Executive Director Report and CCJBH meeting updates-Troy Vaughn, LARRP -
  • ReLINC presentation and Q & A - Joe Paul, Evelyn Garcia, LARRP,  Drew Aversa, Jessica Alverez, 211 LA
  • Announcement: New role with Mayor Garcetti's COVID19 Equity leader - Capri Maddox,  Los Angeles Department of Civil and Human Rights (CHRD)
  • Committee Report-Outs - LARRP Committee Chairs

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Every month LARRP begins its General Meeting with Voices from Impacted People. Watch this short and moving clip of Jeremy Pool from Amity Foundation, telling his story to open the July Meeting!

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June General Meeting

LARRP's June 25th General Meeting focused on an exciting and informative discussion on the emerging role of the prosecutor is, post-civil unrest with George Floyd, featuring District Attorney Candidate, George Gascón, Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Furor, Former District Attorney Candidate, Rachel Rossi.

If you missed it - you can watch a recording HERE Password 6x=4&f$o

Here are some links and info people requested on topics raised during the discussion:

Employment Meeting Archives

September Employment Committee Meeting

Sep 22, 2021 01:51 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Greg Ericksen: Director of Government Partnerships & Policy and Lauren Sauer, Team Lead, Learning and Evidence from REDF will present evidence in the field of transitional employment including results from REDF and other research studies on the impact of Employment Social Enterprises on positive employment and recidivism outcomes for justice impacted individuals.

Lauren Sauer: As Team Lead, Learning and Evidence, Lauren facilitates data-driven decision making and directs the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of REDF’s impact. In her role at REDF, she applies her passion for analytics to create and implement the systems that capture and report on the impact and outcomes of the social enterprise businesses REDF supports. Lauren is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and earned her business degree from Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business.

Also Discussed: the recently passed Homeless Hiring Tax Credit-- a tax credit for employers to hire eligible homeless individuals—and ways to include this in your employer engagement strategies.

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July Employment Committee Meeting

The State of California is making a $1.1-billion-dollar investment towards economic and workforce development strategies to promote recovery from the economic impact of the pandemic. One of these strategies is expanding the work of High Road Training Partnerships (HRTP)!

HRTPs aim to create economically resilient communities by focusing on equity, job quality, Workers, and career pathways, especially for individuals with high barriers to employment and from disadvantaged communities.

The Employment Committee hosts two amazing panelists, Aida Cardenas, Deputy Director for the California Workforce Development Board and Steven Simon, Senior Program Manager at Worker Education and Resource Center who share information about High Road Training Partnerships and what this model looks like in practice and how this model can help us better serve our clients impacted by the justice system.

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January Employment Committee meeting:

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In case you missed the June Employment meeting with a special presentation on:

Making the Business Case to Employers”,  

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Requested Materials form the meeting:

From Brianna Dau, The Fair Chance Hiring Took Kit

From Nirshila Chand her pilot testing called CareerGenius is "a cutting edge program reaching English/Spanish speakers who have a track record of career coaching, advising, recruiting, workforce development, etc.

In addition, recruiting participants who want help with planning your career path? Don’t know what skills you need to get hired? This is a volunteer-based program at the moment and free."  email Nirshila Chand

Education Committee Archives

LARRP Education Committee Meeting
March 18, 2021

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LARRP Housing Committee Archives

May Housing Committee Meeting

Homeless/Housing Services Landscape Update

a. Measure J Draft Year One Spending Plan and Listening Sessions
b. Men’s Central Jail Closure
c. American Recovery Plan
d. Emergency Housing Vouchers e. Universal Basic Income


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