Whole Person Care

A Community Healthcare Worker Training and Employment Model

Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership (LARRP) envisions a society where people once labeled as criminals, are now called citizens and are offered an opportunity contribute to our communities; where communities are safer and enhanced in many ways, because we’ve all come together to reduce the blight of recidivism.  We believe the people most affected by the problem are also closest to the solutions.   

LARRP has worked closely with the County of Los Angeles to develop the The Whole Person Initiative under the medical (medicaid) waiver funding stream.  The Whole Person Initiative is a restorative and realistic approach to reentry. Reducing recidivism requires a partnership between: those impacted, criminal justice agencies, social service agencies, community members, and government entities. This means training the Community Health-Worker (CHW) to use a peer to peer approach partnering with the returning citizen to secure:

  • Housing. Housing placement must be prioritized.
  • Employment,
  • Health benefits (physical and behavioral),
  • Supportive services

Currently the funds provided through the state medicaid (medical) stream do not allow for the level of capacity building that is required for both the CHWs and Community Based Organizations.  That’s where LARRP’s work in this area is essential.

The CHW will be trained in 5 cycles of engagement:

  1. ASSESS: Assessing vulnerability prior to release is key. Then the goal is to determine where the current resources in the geographical area are.
  2. SCOPE: Determine what services people can be connected to, and what partners should be consulted.
  3. PLAN: Understand the role of each partner (person, staff, agency or CBO).
  4. EXECUTE: Make the appropriate referrals as needed and stay connected.
  5. EVALUATE: Lesson learned to improve next encounter.  What worked?  Were there any barriers?

Integrated Health Committee

The Integrated Health Committee is preparing to reconvene re-entry stakeholders dedicated to improving the comprehensive mental health, physical health, and substance use needs of the reentry population by addressing inequity across systems of care and increasing access to care.

COMMITTEE meetings

The Integrated Health Committee will be taking a hiatus due to Kiwon You stepping down as Co-Chair. W will reconvene once we have a replacement.

Committee Chairs

Kelli Collins,