Second Chance Month

LARRP and dozens of reentry service partners will be celebrating “Second Chance Month” this April, with resource fairs, job opportunities, and recognition of our many members who have beat the odds and successfully returned to our communities after incarceration.

Check our Website Events page and follow Us on Instagram and Facebook>to keep up with the events and stories that will be happening thoughout April

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LARRP Presents

Community-based Public Safety Workshops

LARRP is proud to partner with our long-standing community-based organization, The Amity Foundation, in presenting a 8-week 2-hour long workshop training on Community-based Public Safety (CBPS).

Our goal is to inform and train partner organizations on what CBPS (Community based Public Safety) is, how to apply it to their respective work, and how to customize a community safety strategy that addresses the needs of their constituents.

prison deaths
49 people have died in LASD custody since January 2023

Tell the LA County Board of Supervisors:
Stop Jail Deaths, Invest in Care!

Sign the letter to the BOS today!


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