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Education Committee Chairs:

Paul Seeman

D. Sugar Kopplin Easley

Hon. Daniel Tabor

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The mission of the Education Committee is to help support and advance educational and career pathways for both reentry students and the professionals who work with them, and to strengthen the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership in the process.
In order to grow the educational opportunities, information, and resources available in the region, the Education Committee will:
  • Build bridges from corrections to college in Southern California by providing a framework and opportunity for information and resource sharing for individuals and programs that support educational opportunities for the reentry population.
  • Enhance the educational experience by linking academics, business, and the reentry community.
  • Promote restorative justice, support partnerships, network, share resources, and encourage and celebrate educational excellence.
  • Convene periodically to discuss progress, evaluate goals, and develop plans.

Resource Links

GUIDE: How To Continue Your Education After Incarceration

In this guide, we review how to get into college, the best degrees for people with prior convictions, and everything else that ex-offenders should know about higher education.


College-level educational programs for formerly incarcerated students have increased dramatically in the last few years.  Fueled by the energy of the criminal justice reform movement and the increasing awareness of the importance of education in successful reentry. In Southern California, many community colleges – where most formerly incarcerated students start their educational careers – have peer support groups for the reentry population, and some - like our Education Committee host Los Angeles Trade Tech College - have official administrative support programs as well.
Educational opportunities behind bars, for currently incarcerated students, are also increasing rapidly.  Project Rebound has organized support at the local Cal State campuses, and the Underground Scholars are now at the local UC campuses. Many of those same institutions, including Mission College, UCLA, Coastline, and others, also administer college-level educational programs in local juvenile and adult institutions.
A powerful tool in encouraging and supporting access to these educational resources for the reentry population is building personal and professional connections between these programs. Navigating and surviving the world of higher education is not typically a skill learned behind bars, so one core mission of the Educational Committee is to try to link as many programs as possible, where re-entering individuals can find peer support and encouragement as they move their credits from behind bars to community college, 4-year institutions, graduate school, and professional careers.
We hope our work will also help generate other significant opportunities, through the LARRP partnership itself - to other community-based services through the Housing and Employment Committees - and through partnership with the educational institutions - to increase opportunities for professional development, education and awareness for the teachers and administrators working with this population. Other long-term goals and opportunities include data tracking and collection, and advocacy.

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