The LARRP Ad Hoc Committee
on Public Health and Safety

According to L.A. Times: “As COVID-19 began hospitalizing and killing more people in Los Angeles last year, so did shootings in the street. The increased bloodshed, much of it linked to gangs, surged as the economy faltered, leading to the deadliest year of violence in L.A. in a decade.”

Unlike COVID 19, which spawned the creation of a vaccine to slow the ravages of the deadly virus in less than 12 months, there is, to date, no remedy for the persistent and chronic plague of the senseless civil war among our young black males.

In mid August, I hosted a group of national experts on urban gun violence to consider remedies and long term solutions that will impact this civil war amongst young men and women of color. We as a people are having a “Come to Jesus Moment” addressing this issue in our community literally takes all of our collective will. Because no amount of money, without a persistent will of the people, will eradicate the level of violence we see escalating among our children.

At LARRP we felt it is urgent to address our local gun violence crisis. Thus we are launching the Ad hoc Committee on Public Health and Safety. More specific details to follow, but if you are interested in participating please sign up below.

Joe Paul
LARRP Managing Director