LARRP Receives Two Awards from the California Community Reinvestment Grant (CalCRG)

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“The California Community Reinvestment Grants program moves our community in the right direction, by helping us to begin addressing the biggest challenges in our communities ourselves. When we infuse resources into marginalized communities, we empower them to inspire, build and lift themselves up; because those that are most impacted by the system, are also those that have the greatest chance of changing the system.”  - Troy F. Vaughn

We are thrilled to share with you all that LARRP was awarded two distinctive grants from the CalCRG (Prop 64) first round of funding. Prop 64, the 2016 Adult Use of Marijuana Act, allocated tax revenues to a dedicated fund for community based organizations and county health departments to engage in work to repair the devastation caused by the 40+ year war on drugs.
We send our congratulations to the many LARRP members who also received a grant, and look forward to working with all 25 LA based grant recipients. In total, GO-Biz made 69 awards across the state, releasing a total of $28.5 million in funding. This represents two years of GO-Biz's state budget allocation (9.6 million for year 1 and $18.9 million for year 2).
You can read the full September 25th announcement here
To see the complete list of who was funded, see this file

GOBiz intends to release a new RFP in the Spring of 2020 for a grant allocation of $29 million. These funds will be for the July 2020- June 2021 fiscal year.

“We have a moral responsibility to address the War on Drugs’ multi-generational impacts that have marginalized communities throughout our state. Programs like CalCRG exemplify California’s commitment to this responsibility, and it ensures our cannabis marketplace remains rooted in social justice.” - Governor Gavin Newsom.

LARRP’s two awards are for the following programs:

Repairing Drug War Harms Expungement and Resource Clinics
LARRP will organize and host 12-15 free Repairing Drug War Harms Expungement and Resource Clinics, providing record changes, expungements, certificates of rehabilitation, immigration issues related to barriers to reentry, as well as linkages to medical care, job recruiters, and other services. LARRP clinics will not only remove criminal records and address legal issues, but also connect participants to some of the basic needs and services through LARRPs broader network and CBOs. LARRP will use system navigation and care coordination to restore civil rights to people living with convictions, improve quality of life, economic opportunities, return self-esteem and bring a sense of belonging to program participants.

Community-Based Coordinated Reentry, with 211 LA County, Christ Centered Ministries (South LA) and Paving the Way Foundation (Lancaster) 211 LA and its collaborative partners including Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership, Christ-Centered Ministries, and Paving the Way Foundation will provide client-centered service navigation for individuals and families affected by the WoD and living in some of the most under-resourced communities in Los Angeles County. Community Resource Advisors (CRAs) and Local Peer Navigators (LPNs) will work one-on-one with individuals and families from target communities to provide in-depth needs assessments and development of a comprehensive reentry plan that addresses health and human service-related needs.