Bail Out

When we say we want due process afforded to us we’re not asking you to bail us out of our responsibility to face the charges against us as you might say.
We’re asking not to be locked up in a cage simply because we can’t afford the bail like some others can, even if they have the same charges, because they can pay.

Because when we create systems that work against the purpose of its original intent and become unfair to benefit the wealthy and not the poor.

We must soon face the hard truth that we don’t really care about justice for all, and we have lost sight of our nation’s creed; and this we can no longer ignore.

We have created a system of merchandise and are using our citizens like chattel to keep the rich in power, and the poor trapped in an ever-ending cycle of Russian roulette.

If we continue to play this game with the lives of our citizens, the chambered round of justice might just end up firing on those in power and to their regret.

The tide is turning in this land, and people are rising up to claim the rights afforded them under the Constitution in the Fourteenth, Eighth and Sixth Amendment.

We will no longer allow ourselves to be used to create wealth for others, and to maintain the power of the few, for we are many, and we are resilient.

The time for widespread wealth-based incarceration is over and we want our due process, equal protection, and a speedy and just trial for the charges we face.

We promise to return and face the allegations against us, just set us free before we’re convicted of a crime and trapped in cages that are designed to imprison our race.

To those that impose the laws that are on the books, let us return home to fight the charges that are against us; and this you can be assured and never doubt.

We are not asking that you grant us something for nothing, like the banks did in their bailout; our reform is quite simple, create a system that is fair for all and just let us get out.

Written by Troy F. Vaughn

September 2019