LARRP was fortunate to be included in a new program to get recently released people privately funded stimulus stipends. This excellent new program out of the Center for Employment Opportunities, seeks to support individuals who have been released from incarceration in the past 12 months and are unemployed or underemployed. Center for Employment Opportunities has raised millions of dollars to get these much needed stipends to thousands of people in reentry all over the country.

We have been publishing stories from the people who have received this stimulus check in LA in our newsletters.

Take a look at how CEO is making a difference nationwide!

Upcoming Events

LARRP Committee Meetings

Integrated Health Committee Meeting

August 4th
2:00 pm
Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

LARRP General Meeting:

August 27

Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Education Sub planning Committee

August 6
5:00 pm

There will be a special session of the Education Committee on August 6 at 5 PM, specifically to work on the regional convening of reentry educational programs currently planned for November 17-18. Anyone that can help primary organizers with planning and practical support. Please join in!

Education Committee Meeting

August 20th

Register in advance for this meeting. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Employment Committee
& Housing Committee

Will meet in next September - Stay tuned

Watch recording of
LARRP July General Meeting


  • LARRP Voices From Impacted People - Jeremy Pool
  • Executive Director Report and CCJBH meeting updates -Troy Vaughn, LARRP
  • 8000: The Landscape for Early Releases from CDCR - Doug Bond, CEO Amity Foundation, LARRP Executive Steering Committee
  • Mayor Garcetti's COVID19 Equity leader - Capri Maddox, Los Angeles Department of Civil and Human Rights (CHRD)
  • LARRP Issue Committee Reports and Announcements

If you missed it click link below and enter the password

Partner Events


Every Tuesday at 2:00 PM on Zoom
Basics of Fair Housing and protections against discrimination.



Cada jueves a las 2:00 PM en Zoom
Conceptos básicos de la vivienda justa y las protecciones contra la discriminación.


The ACLUs of California, the Impact Fund, California Rural Legal Assistance, and Legal Aid at Work invite you to a free, virtual workshop on California LGBTQ employment rights.

To fit your schedule, we will present the same workshop at three different times:
Tuesday, July 28, 6 to 7:30 p.m. (Spanish)
Wednesday, July 29, 2 to 3:30 p.m. (English)
Saturday, August 1, 10 to 11:30 a.m. (English)


Social Venture Partners Los Angeles'

2020 Fast Pitch - a virtual event

Thursday, August 6th
3:00 pm

Social Venture Partners' mission is to catalyze significant long-term social change in Los Angeles through expanding the capacity of innovative nonprofits and cultivating effective and engaged philanthropists. Every year, they hold an event called Fast Pitch, where they bring nonprofit leaders and donors together.

This year’s event will highlight ten organizations who are working at the forefront of the intersectional movements for racial, economic, and social justice, tackling mass incarceration, the environment and food sourcing, city planning & urban mobility, immigration, and housing & homelessness. Reflecting the collective spirit of this group of visionary justice leaders, the theme is 'Liberating Our Future'.

Alliance for Community Transit-LA | Presenter: Laura Raymond
Anti-Recidivism Coalition | Presenter: Sam Lewis
CicLAvia | Presenter: Tafarai Bayne
Californians United for a Responsible Budget | Presenter: Brian Kaneda
Freedom for Immigrants | Presenter: Christina Fialho
Initiate Justice | Presenter: Taina Vargas-Edmond
LA Compost | Presenter: Michael Martinez
LA Forward | Presenter: David Levitus
LA Room & Board | Presenter: Sam Prater
LA Walks | Presenter: John Yi

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Naloxone (Narcan) Training

Tuesday August 11th 9-10am.
Training will go over all information needed to reverse an Opioid overdose.
This training is open to all- members of the community, agency staff, etc. Anyone can easily save a life with learning how to administer Naloxone!
  • Opioid Overdose Background: Learn about opioid overdose causes and trends
  • Opioid Epidemic: Learn about existing efforts to combat the opioid crisis and legislative protections for naloxone use and dispensing
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention, Recognition, and Response: Learn how to correctly identify and respond to an overdose event, including how to administer naloxone, and how to prevent future overdoses
To register, please e-mail

Scott Budnick Event POSTPONED until August 12th

August 12th, 2020
11:00 am

Click here to Register

Reentry Against the Odds

Aug 12 & 19
Sponsored by Friends Outside in Los Angeles County (Friends Outside)

This webinar is part of a larger research project Friends Outside is conducting with individuals with sex offenses, workforce development practitioners, social services providers, housing advocates, law enforcement and employers about the unique challenges and opportunities of this population. As part of this study, we would like to gauge your knowledge and understanding of this population, pre- and post-summit. A link to a quick survey will be sent to you for completion before the webinar begins. All information you provide will be maintained confidentially. There are no right or wrong answers. As part of your participation in the pre- and post-survey you will receive a Certificate of Participation about this topic. Thank you in advance for your participation!


Shaking up Reentry
POSTPONED Until 2021

2020 Conference Planning Efforts & Official Postponement Message.

Watch Here

Please note: LARRP General Meetings and other events are open to the public. By attending, you consent to having your voice and likeness recorded, photographed, posted on LARRP's website and social media, and included in LARRP's materials and publications for noncommercial purposes. If you don't want to be photographed or recorded, please let the facilitator know so you can be seated accordingly.

Get Involved!

County government

Keep up with the Board of Supervisors meetings, motions and resources at LARRP Steering Committee member, Joseph Maizlish’s site

Opportunities & Information

New Community Learning Center For Returning Citizens

Mass Liberation would love to partner with any concerned citizen, organization, and agency that provides reentry support services.

The Nest is in South LA County, right along the 110 freeway. We offer classroom and online courses in four core areas: Healthy Relationships, Total Wellness, Personal Finance, and Responsible Citizenship. Participants learn the basic skills that will help them to thrive with jobs and housing, but also work together to continue to heal and grow personally. The Nest is also a place where returning citizens can come to study, meet together, hold classes or groups, use the computer lab, or socialize.

We will be hosting a client orientation every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month, beginning with our very first orientation on August 7, 2020. We are vigilant and diligent in our adherence to the CDPH's COVID-19 protocols, and although we have a very large space, we can only safely serve 10 clients at time for orientation or any of our scheduled activities.

More info

Community Change, women's fellowship

10-month, cohort-based program for women of Color who have personally experienced incarceration, immigration detention, and/or the incarceration/detention of a close loved one.

It provides women of color with the tools they need to engage in strategic discussions and partnerships that shape policy decisions and establish how power is attained and wielded at home, work, and in their communities.

The fellowship centers healing as part of transformative organizing and provides participants with a quarterly stipend.

Application Due Monday, August 10th, 2020




LARRP and 211 are partnering up in the launch of the CarelinQ ReLINC system to assist system navigators, case managers, and coordinators in providing outstanding services to our reentry community!

If you would like to join our partnership please contact Evelyn Garcia at

Download the flyer

One Step Forward

An online guide for individuals & families looking for services, guidance on life after jail, prison, homelessness, substance abuse, mental health and job placement.

Learn MoreUn guía para individuos anteriormente encarcelados y familias afectadas por la Guerra contra las Drogas

CCJBH Snapshot of the 2020-21 California State Budget

SHARE! Collaborative Housing Vacancies

As of the week of June 8th, SHARE! Collaborative Housing currently has 22 immediate vacancies for men, 12 immediate vacancies for women, and 1 LGBTQ+ vacancy. A full list of our vacancies, including locations and rent per month, can be found below.

SHARE! Collaborative Housing is now taking calls Monday through Friday from 1pm – 6pm. During that time we can connect the interested party directly with homeowners so they can make appointments to see the houses they’re interested in. We can also give them more information about what the SHARE! Collaborative Housing program offers and the process we work through.

The number to call is 1-877-742-7349. That's the number in the housing office, and it's toll-free.

More Info

National Survey for People with Incarcerated Loved Ones During COVID-19

Essie Justice Group and Color of Change are asking for people with incarcerated loved ones to share their experiences of having someone incarcerated during the COVID-19 pandemic through their national survey.

Important Survey Results

The team at Root & Rebound is grateful to the many partners and CBOs who have filled out the Reentry Services Provider survey form, so we can better coordinate statewide support to people coming home from incarceration in California during the COVID-19 pandemic.
HERE are the responses to this survey, which include reentry services in counties across the state.

Survey: Employment and Application Experiences with A Criminal Record

Root and Rebound wants to support YOU in getting a job you want. Many employers unfairly consider records in the hiring process -- and their consideration may even be illegal under state law.

We created this survey to better understand your experience in applying for jobs in order for us to support you and others with criminal records as you apply for employment.

Take the Survey

The Community Reentry Center (CRC)


provides an array of comprehensive supportive services to address the barriers to reentry for justice-involved individuals, particularly those on adult felony supervision, their families and the community. Such services include but are not limited to housing, employment, legal aid, educational support, mental health assessment and linkage, substance use counseling, and health and healing through the arts. The services are provided in a welcoming environment by county partners and community-based organizations that are considered leaders in reentry and experienced professionals with high risk communities.
3965 Vermont Avenue, LA, CA 90037
3rd Floor Reception: 323-730-4442,


For an archive of reentry and criminal justice related news, please see our News Archive which goes back years!

Fears grow that releasing thousands of California prisoners will spread COVID-19 into communities

LA Times, By Anita Chabria, Richard Winton, Kim Christensen
July 31, 2020

Missteps by corrections officials handling releases from state prisons are fueling fears in some California counties that thousands of inmates eligible for early release will spread the coronavirus in their communities.

Read More

Coronavirus In Jails And Prisons

The Appeal, by Kelly Davis, Jul 30, 2020
California watchdog agency that repeatedly warned of "dire consequences" of prison overcrowding urges lawmakers to implement reforms; human rights org tweets "keep-you-up-at-night horrifying" stories from Georgia jail; and we map out four days of coronavirus outbreaks.

Read More

Virus-Driven Push to Release Juvenile Detainees Leaves Black Youth Behind

NYTimes, By Erica L. Green, July 30, 2020
After an initial decrease in the youth detention population since the pandemic began, the rate of release has slowed, and the gap between white youth and Black youth has grown.

The report, released this month by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, illustrates one more disparity the coronavirus has exacerbated for Black children, who are disproportionately funneled into the juvenile justice system.

Read the Article

Read the Report

California’s Huge Overdose Increase Didn’t Have to Happen

Filter, By Travis Lupick, July 28, 2020
Read more

Op-Ed: It will take a lot more than diversity training to end racial bias in hiring

LA Times, By Judd B. Kessler And Corinne Low
July 24, 20203 AM

New research shows that even companies setting pro-diversity goals exhibit discriminatory bias in hiring.

Read more

Outbreak at San Quentin

Snap Judgement, July 23, 2020
As the Coronavirus outbreak overwhelms San Quentin State Prison, one incarcerated person, Chanthon Bun, is awaiting his release on parole. Bun tries to protect himself from the virus, while incarcerated first responders and cleaning crews attempt to treat those who are collapsing and stop the spread of COVID-19. In this episode, we hear first-hand accounts from incarcerated people inside San Quentin trying to survive the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Click here to listen to the podcast

LA County Supervisors OK Reforms to Fight Racism, Gender Equality – Fund Alternatives to Jail

The Davis Vanguard, July 23, 2020
“It is time to prioritize the Office of Diversion and Reentry, as well as other promising ‘care first, jail last’ programs with a stable, dedicated budget commitment. Making such a rock-solid commitment, with the support of voters across Los Angeles County, will guarantee that these efforts will have the chance to succeed,”

reads the motion drafted by Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis.

Read More

Common, Scott Budnick and Jarrett Harper on prison reform

Washington Post, July 16, 2020

Watch the video

COVID Prison Release: State To Start With Non-Violent Inmates Over Age 30

SacObserver, July 15, 2020 by CBM Newswire
“We have an unprecedented moment in time to actually augment the work of prison reform and the reduction of the already overcrowded conditions that have persisted,” said Joe Paul, Managing Director of the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership and Director of Political and Civic Affairs, City of Refuge Church-L.A.

Read the article

California to release 8,000 prisoners in hopes of easing coronavirus crisis

LA Times, July 10 2020
By John Myers, Phil Willon
SACRAMENTO — As many as 8,000 California prisoners could be released ahead of schedule in an unprecedented attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19 inside state prisons, with more than half of the releases expected by the end of the month.
The announcement on Friday by top advisors to Gov. Gavin Newsom offered stark evidence of the dire health conditions at several California prisons.

Read More

Read the CDCR News Release

Special: Letters From The Outside As COVID Rages Inside

KALW Radio, July 8, 2020 By UNCUFFED
The COVID-19 outbreak in prisons across California is taking an incredible toll — not only on the people inside, but on the families and friends of incarcerated people. And because of the pandemic, our producers on the inside can’t access their recording equipment. So today, you’ll hear from the friends and family outside of prison, reading letters to their loved ones stuck on the inside.

Listen Here

County officials move to close Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A., invest in health care-based responses

KTLA5, July 7, 2020
by: Kristina Bravo, Sara Welch
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to initiate a plan to close the Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. within the year, officials said.

Read More

ARC's Sam Lewis Testifies at CA Senate Public Safety Hearing on COVID-19 Outbreak in CA Prisons

July 1, 2020

Top medical officer for California prisons ousted amid worsening coronavirus outbreak

By Richard Winton, Kim Christensen
LA Times, July 6, 2020

As COVID-19 infections spread rapidly through California’s prisons, authorities on Monday announced the replacement of the state correction system’s top medical officer, and Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized an earlier decision to transfer hundreds of inmates from a Chino facility that had been battling an outbreak.
Read More

COVID-19 and the need for justice reform are twinned crises

LA Daily News, Opinion, July 6, 2020
By Kelly Lytle Hernandez And Robert Ross

...Today, there are newly-urgent demands for racial justice in our health and legal systems—and at the intersection of those systems, especially in our jails. How can we protect the health of people in our overcrowded and disproportionately Black and Brown custody system? Or the health of the disproportionately Black populations of unhoused persons living on our streets? Or the disproportionately Black and Brown communities that are excessively policed? How can we end the racial disparities of the criminal legal system while building systems of well-being and care for all in our communities?...

Read More

For Advocates, $25 Million Cut To LAUSD Police Is Just The First Step. For Others, It's Already Too Much.

By Carla Javier
LAist, July 2, 2020

It's been an eventful week at the Los Angeles Unified School District.

After a 13-hour marathon meeting on Tuesday, the Board of Education voted 4-3 to reduce the $70 million school police budget by $25 million, or about 35%. Less than 24 hours later, the district's police department chief, Todd Chamberlain — who was appointed to the job in November — announced his resignation.

Read more

A glimpse at some of what’s in California’s new $202-billion state budget

By John Myers, Sacramento Bureau Chief
LA Times, June 29, 2020
SACRAMENTO — Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday signed into law the key provisions of a new state budget, a spending plan that seeks to erase a historic deficit while preserving service levels for schools, healthcare and social services.

Read More

Editorial: Effective sheriff oversight still a work in progress

By The LA Times Editorial Board, June 29, 2020
...At issue is whether now, at a time of growing public distrust of law enforcement, county sheriffs will be able to cling to an irresponsible and outmoded vision of unassailable power — or whether they will instead be subject to oversight...

Read the Editorial

In L.A., Black activists debate the value of dialogue with police in reform efforts

LA Times, June 29, 2020
By Leila Miller...The 90-minute forum reflects significantly different approaches within the Black community toward how to create lasting change from the unrest...

Read More

To reform or reconstruct?

Young Black activists, challenging ‘respectability politics’ of their elders, give voice to a new movement for social change
LA Times, By Sarah Parvini

Pastor Eddie Anderson was sensing a generational split among his fellow Black activists, and it frustrated him.

Read more

'Nowhere to go': U.S. pandemic prison releases prompt housing concerns

Reuters, June 29, 2020
By Carey L. Biron
WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Livia Pinheiro got out of prison, she had been held for more than a decade - first by the state of California, then by the federal government and finally by immigration officials. When it was all over, she had no home to go to.

Read more

Proposition 47’s Impact on Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice Outcomes

Public Policy Institute of California, June 2020
Magnus Lofstrom, Brandon Martin, Steven Raphael

...In recent years, California has implemented a number of significant reforms that were not motivated by racial disparities but might have narrowed them in a number of ways. In this report, we extend our previous arrest work to examine the impact of Proposition 47, which reclassified a number of drug and property offenses from felonies to misdemeanors, on racial disparities in arrest and jail booking rates and in the likelihood of an arrest resulting in a booking.

While significant inequities persist in California and elsewhere, our findings point to a reduction in pretrial detention and a narrowing of racial disparities in key statewide criminal justice outcomes

Read More

Failing Grades: States’ Responses to COVID-19 in Jails & Prisons

Prison Policy Initiative and the ACLU, June 25, 2020
By Emily Widra and Dylan Hayre

The results are clear: despite all of the information, voices calling for action, and the obvious need, state responses ranged from disorganized or ineffective, at best, to callously nonexistent at worst. Even using data from criminal justice system agencies — that is, even using states’ own versions of this story — it is clear that no state has done enough and that all states failed to implement a cohesive, system-wide response.

Read the Report

California voters will be asked whether to let 50k parolees vote in November

Al Dia, June 25, 2020
by Ericka Conant

Read More
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