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Policy Brief: Youth Diversion in Los Angeles County

The Youth Diversion & Development division within the Office of Diversion & Reentry is advancing a new, comprehensive model of youth diversion that will connect youth with community-based services that support their development in lieu of arrest or citation.

Informed by the data and evidence summarized in this document, this model will build infrastructure needed to ensure that all youth in Los Angeles County can connect with a continuum of services that address their needs, reducing youth arrests and equitably improving outcomes for youth and communities.

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LA Probation Governance Study
Final Report

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LARRP Documents - Municipalities

While California’s counties are primarily responsible for the criminal justice and social services involved with the community reintegration of formerly incarcerated people, in some instances city policies have the potential to positively or negatively impact reentry.

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LARRP comments

Community Care Facilities Ordinance: The City of Los Angeles’ proposed ordinance titled the Community Care Facilities Ordinance.

LARRP strongly opposes the ordinance as illegal and bad policy. Click here to see the letter opposing the ordinance that our partner legal services organizations sent to the LA City Council.  This letter outlines both the elements of the proposed ordinance as well as the reasons for LARRP’s opposition.