A New Way of Life Reentry Project is hiring for bail reform

The Bail Reform Organizer will join ANWOL's Policy and Organizing Department and report to the Associate Director Tiffany Johnson. This position will focus on expanding and deepening the bail reform campaign in Southern California to educate and involve those communities most impacted by California's arcane and unjust cash bail system.
This position will serve as ANWOL's point person on the statewide bail reform campaign led by the ACLU and CSJ, and be responsible for ensuring all campaign deliverables are met. This position will undertake extensive outreach, education and mobilization of key Southern California communities needed to advance criminal justice reforms.

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MIST Licensed Vocational Nurse Job Opening with Health Right 360

Do you have case management experience working with co-occuring clients? Are you action oriented? Do you want to work for an organization that is making a difference in counties across California? Are you passionate about helping people make and sustain change in their lives? If so, HealthRIGHT 360 is currently looking to fill a LVN position opening for our MIST Program in Los Angeles, CA.

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Latino Coalition is Hiring for Southern California Program Manager

The Latino Coalition is looking to hire someone to work on their reentry grants. The Latino Coalition for Community Leadership operates as a national intermediary to give voice, leadership and resources to nonprofits in marginalized communities meeting the needs of individuals and families.

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Whole Person Care – Los Angeles (WPC–LA)

WPC-LA is a 4-year initiative that will provide comprehensive & coordinated services to the sickest, most vulnerable Medi-Cal beneficiaries in Los Angeles County. WPC-LA will deliver seamless, coordinated services to 5 high-risk target populations.

WPC-LA offers a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic, mission-driven team while helping to improve the health and well-being of the most vulnerable & underserved populations.

The Whole Person Care Program is Hiring

The following positions are available and will serve as the Capacity-Building and Collaboration Team for the Whole Person Care Program.

As our name suggests, all of our work will be conducted in close collaboration with community-based partners. In all these positions, we are placing a high value on several qualities/kinds of experience:

  • Lived and/or work experience with the WPC issues of focus (homelessness, substance use disorder, reentry, severe and persistent mental illness, chronic illness, high risk pregnancy)
  • Familiarity with the underlying causes of health inequities and strategies to address health inequities using community organizing and community development
  • Experience working with or for community based organizations (CBOs) and/or as a liaison between public agencies and CBOs
  • Strong connections to WPC communities of focus
  • Knowledge of and experience using popular education methodology for building individual and community capacity
  • Knowledge of and experience using the Community Health Worker/promotor/a modelPlease carefully consider and refer possible candidates for these positions, and disseminate this email widely. An internal application and review process will be conducted in parallel to the County hiring process; successful candidates may be brought on either as contractors or as County staff.

Employment Reentry Tools

New Roads to Second Chances:
Want to Work? Chrysalis can Help!

Chrysalis is looking for workers for New Roads, a transitional job and job placement program for formerly incarcerated men and women currently on parole or probation. The program is made possible by a partnership between the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Reentry, and is managed by Chrysalis. Chrysalis is a job preparation agency designed to help individuals find, get, and keep a job.

Interested participants can go to a Chrysalis orientation at any of our three locations, 8:00 am Monday – Thursday. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Joseph Wise, Project Manager for Roads at joseph.wise@changelives.org

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LARRP Employment Committee Chair
Maria Alexandra
Next LARRP Employment Committee meeting January 25th will feature a special presentation by Melissa Burch.  
Melissa Burch will share the results of her 2014-15 study: Navigating the Criminal Records Complex: Hiring and Job-Seeking in the Inland Empire.  The study sheds new light on the problem of employer reluctance to hire workers with criminal convictions by analyzing how criminal records are considered in the hiring process.  While we often frame employer's decisions as based primarily in personal values or beliefs, the study reveals how increasingly, approaches to hiring, and to criminal records in particular, are shaped by a political-economic climate characterized by regulation, risk-aversion, competition and litigation.
Melissa Burch is an anthropologist whose scholarship analyzes how hierarchies based on race, class and gender are reproduced through processes of criminalization and punishment, with an eye toward potential routes toward greater equality and freedom.  Burch will join the anthropology department at the University of Michigan in Fall 2018 as an Assistant Professor and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the department of African and African Diaspora at the University of Texas at Austin.

LARRP Employment Committee Meeting schedule:

4th Thursday of Each Month
9:00 am to 11:00 am
3745 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Next meeting January 25

Contact us to attend the next meeting, and to join our email list.

Committee Goals

The goals of the Employment Work Group are to:

  • Research evidence-based/best practices in the areas of vocational and soft-skills training, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training;
  • Explore Community Benefit Agreements/labor agreements; and,
  • Identify entrepreneurial opportunities to improve and increase employment readiness and job placement for ex-offenders in LA county.

Employment Committee Mission

 “To increase employment amongst the reentry population, resulting in greater stability, self-sufficiency, and an improved quality of life for the community at-large.”



Employers with 26 or more employees:

07/01/2017                       $12.00
07/01/2018                       $13.25
07/01/2019                       $14.25
07/01/2020                       $15.00


Employers with 25 or fewer employees or Non-profit corporations with 26 or more employees with approval to pay a deferred rate:

07/01/2017                       $10.50
07/01/2018                       $12.00
07/01/2019                       $13.25
07/01/2020                       $14.25
07/01/2021                       $15.00

1 in 4

persons in California has a criminal record

"The relationship between employment and reduced recidivism has been established by a voluminous amount of research.

In spite of the evidence, however, employment remains one of the top needs for persons with criminal records. And, although a number of organizations and agencies in Los Angeles County provide services to address those needs, it is believed that several issues are of such magnitude, such as stigmatization of the targeted population, lack of coordinated services, structural problems (e.g., government policies on hiring the targeted population) are significant enough that they need to be addressed at a “macro” level in order to have success for a greater number of this population."

Employee Remedies including, but are not limited to, the following:

• Payment of wages unlawfully withheld;
• Payment of Sick Time Benefits unlawfully withheld; and/or
• An additional penalty of up to $120 to the Employee and up to $50 to the City for each day that either violation occurred or continued.
• In cases of retaliation, the Employee may be entitled to reinstatement and trebled the above.

An aggrieved Employee may file a civil court action.

Success Stories

Employment changes lives. Success is possible. We would like to share some of those success stories with you.

mcith_RickyRicky’s Story
Prior to accessing services in the community, Ricky lived life in the fast lane. He faced huge barriers in his job search; limited work experience, a felony conviction, and a large employment gap. He felt lost, and did not know how to explain these barriers to an employer. Despite his barriers, Ricky was determined to succeed.
Click here to read Ricky’s story.


mcith_ErnieErnie’s Story
“I grew up in Southeast Los Angeles where three generations of my family lived and began using drugs and alcohol at age seven. My father was a heroin supplier to the East Los Angeles area, and was either in prison or just never home.
Click here to read Ernie’s story


Ron’s Story

I left home when I was 17; I had been abused by my stepfather and had been using drugs for about 4 years. I ended up in Hollywood about a year later with no money and no place to live in 1977. I met many people involved with drugs and began using them myself. I spent the years between 1985 and 1999 going in and out of prison, being homeless and addicted to drugs.
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