LARRP is a network of public agencies, community and faith based organizations, advocates, and other stakeholders with interest in the successful reintegration of formerly incarcerated people into their communities.

LARRP is open to any person or agency with an interest in reentry in Los Angeles County and whose interests are aligned with the LARRP mission. This would include, but not limited to, formerly incarcerated or convicted people and their families; reentry providers, advocates and researchers; government agencies; schools; faith-based agencies; youth oriented organizations; service clubs; neighborhood councils; and elected officials.

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LARRP has launched its first official membership drive

LARRP has 3 classes of paid membership:

  • $50 – Individual
  • $250 – Small Organization (Annual budget under $500,000)
  • $500 – Large Organization (Annual budget $500,000 +)

LARRP has two classes of non-paid participants

  • Currently incarcerated individuals
  • Individuals,government agencies, and other entities that do not choose to join LARRP, but support LARRP’s mission and would like to be engaged and involved with LARRP and its members

Membership Form

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Note: By submitting this application, you are affirming your support of LARRP’s Mission.


As Organizations and individuals sign up and pay their dues, we will display their names here with a link to their website:


Capacity-Building Presentations & Workshops
LARRP has developed a process to help reentry service providers build their capacity to deliver effective services, manage effective organizations, and raise sustainable dollars. This will help members to work together more effectively to advocate for policy changes and philanthropic efforts to implement that unified vision and strategy and explore collaborative efforts to impact the community. Presentations and trainings will be held throughout the year.

Policy & Advocacy Trainings
The LARRP Policy & Advocacy Institute will hold a series of trainings that will provide education and hands on practice to reentry practitioners and advocates on how federal, state, county and city policy is made and how to impact it. Workshops will unveil and unpack the inner workings of how legislative and fiscal processes work, and how and when you can engage in advocacy and lobbying legally. Courses will range from intro “101” type courses to those for members who are more advanced in policy and advocacy. Trainings will be held quarterly.

Special Announcements of Funding Availability
LARRP will provide timely information about relevant local, statewide, and national grant opportunities with updates and deadlines for members.

Access to Post Jobs on LARRP Website and Newsletter
Membership will include access to employment with the ability for members to post employment opportunities to both the LARRP website for a 30-day period and on jobs tab link in one of the monthly LARRP newsletters.

Live Link to member from LARRP Website LARRP
Members will have exclusive access to have links to their company website on LARRP's website. Access to Interns via the LARRP Reentry Internship Program Members will get access to University interns to provide quality work in the reentry field and possibly gain a future employee. Availability based upon school semester. *Fees may apply*

LARRP participating organizations

Please click the button to download a list of the organizations and agencies that participate in LARRP

Membership cycle

LARRP is on the County Fiscal Year: July 1 through June 30 of each year • Membership fees due by June 15 of each year (for FY 2018/19, membership fees due by July 31) • Members who join LARRP at other times of the year will be required to pay the full membership fee.