Upcoming Events


LARRP Employment Committee

The LARRP Employment Committee WILL NOT be meeting in June, but will be meeting a week earlier in July on 19th with special presentations from the City of Los Angeles.
9:00 to 11:00 AM. Location to be announced


 Katie Camp from the Mayor's Office of Reentry will present on the launch of Project imPACT (Reentry employment program) at 4 locations throughout Los Angeles.

Vincent Cordero from the City of LA Personnel Department - Workforce Development Section will present on the Targeted Hire Program.


LARRP General Meeting

9:00 AM to 12:00PM
Amity Foundation
3750 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles


LARRP Housing Committee meeting

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM

5715 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Community Events


3rd Annual People Power Convention

Developed with the involvement of thousands of South LA youth and residents, the People First Platform is a community vision that places people first: people before corporations, bail bond industries, absentee landowners, or other special interests.


San Gabriel Valley Youth Justice Conference

The youth, parents, educators, public safety officials & community organizations will explore how to improve, enhance, guarantee justice for youth

News Flash

Fixing some of California's tough-on-crime mistakes of the past

San Diego Union Tribune
May 25, 2018
Who overpacked California’s prisons? It was first-term Gov. Jerry Brown, when he signed into law the Uniform Determinate Sentencing Act in 1976. And it was the Legislature’s Democratic majority, who’d sent Brown the act in the first place and then tried to outflank tough-on-crime Republicans by adding one sentence-lengthening provision (or “enhancement”) after another. Read more

Inmates who learn trades are often blocked from jobs. Now something's being done.

NBC News May 26, 2018
Half the states bar ex-cons from getting the occupational licences they need to re-enter the workforce. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say it doesn't make sense. Read more


Isaac Bryan, Terry Allen MA, Kelly Lytle Hernández PhD, and the Million Dollar Hoods Team

You Get What You Measure: New Performance Indicators Needed to Gauge Progress of Criminal

May 2018
Adam Gelb


Special Report: 2018 Update on Prisoner Recidivism:
A 9-Year Follow-Up Period (2005-2014)

Mariel Alper, Ph.D., and Matthew R. Durose, BJS Statisticians Joshua Markman, former BJS Statistician

Get Involved!

We need letters of support for:

  • AB 2438, Expediting the Records Clearing Process and
  • SB 1298 Increasing Access to Employment Act.
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County government

Keep up with the Board of Supervisors meetings, motions and resources at LARRP Steering Committee member, Joseph Maizlish’s site

The Jails Project's Unlock the Vote (UTV) along with other community partners are embarking on a campaign to reduce barriers to registration and voting for justice-involved and justice-impacted folks in Los Angeles County as well as Orange County.

Whole Person Care is a Medi-Cal 2020 waiver-funded program and an exciting five-year initiative that will provide comprehensive and coordinated services to the sickest, most vulnerable LA County Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Eleven innovative programs will bring together health and social service delivery entities across the County to deliver seamless, coordinated services to individuals who are homeless, justice-involved, or have serious mental illness or severe and/or persistent substance use disorder or medical issues.

Clear Your Record


Free Expungement Fair
Saturday, July 7
10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Amity Foundation
3750 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Expungement Clinic
( 2nd & 4th Saturday) 9:30am-2:00pm

Watts Clinic, 2nd Saturday of every month
WLAC Phoenix Hall, 

10950 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90059  

Long Beach Clinic, 3rd or 4th Saturday of every month (please call for info)
Centro CHA
1633 Long Beach, Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90813 

Walk-In Wednesday Reclassification Clinic  (Prop 47 Reclassification Only)

Location: 920 Atlantic Avenue, # 101, Long Beach, CA 90813 Hosted by: A New Way of Life Reentry Project.

Call (323) 563-3575 for more information.  

Bring a copy of your criminal record (DOJ RAP Sheet or Court Dockets) with you.

Hosted by: A New Way of Life Reentry Project.
Call (323) 563-3575 to confirm appointment and clinic location.

Take the Surveys Below!

Please help the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership (LARRP) and the Mayor's Office of Reentry in assessing the challenges workforce development specialists' experience in supporting formerly incarcerated clients obtain employment by completing the brief 8 question survey below.


The LARRP Housing Committee is hoping to collect information to better understand all housing resources available throughout LA County for men and women returning home.

This survey should take no longer then 5 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for taking time to complete this brief survey. We look forward to sharing the survey results with you in December 2017